The Steering Committee are looking forward to seeing as many
of you as possible at the WFIS workshop in Rome at the beginning
of September. We will have to spend some time in meetings, preparing for the
General Assembly but we will make time to see the workshops,
which look varied and interesting.

Special thanks to Giorgio for his work in setting out this newsletter,
we think you’ll agree it’s a huge improvement on the previous layout.
We’d like to have another edition of the newsletter sent around at
the end of this year but we can only do this if we get articles from
Groups and Associations, so let us know what your Beavers, Cubs,
Scouts and Rovers have been up to, send in any invitations you
may have.

We try to leave articles as they are, rather than re writing them,
so you may find the grammar isn’t perfect in some but in a way,
this is part of the charm of the Euroletter, it is yours, it belongs to
you and it speaks as you do.
Enjoy this edition but don’t delay, send articles our way – today!

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