1st edition “International Children’s Right Festival – June 26th,27th,28th 2015
Fondazione Malagutti onlus has been promoting Children’s Rights and taking care of children since year 2000, thanks to the activity of its Communities for Minors (fondazionemalagutti.onlus.it – www.dirittiacolori.it/en/) Our work and engagement for children brought us to develop that initiative; that’s why I’m presenting to you the “1st International Children’s Rights Festival” whose aim is the promotion of Convention on the Rights of the Child. It will focus on three main themes: migration, nutrition and game, involving Italy, Spain, Sweden, Croatia and Burkina Faso. Festival begins Friday, June 26th until Sunday, June 28th and all the events will set in Mantua area. Within few days the web site www.childrenfestival.it will be available. It’s an important and great project for its cultural and social value as well as the expected participation: we have estimated 20000 people, touching 50000 contacts. So, I’m asking your collaboration in different ways : – the involvement of the scouts of WFIS-EUROPE as volunteers in the Festival (board and lodging will be in charge of Fondazione Malagutti onlus) … All volunteers are welcome, accommodation will be managed and paid by Organizing Committee.


For further information please contact Laura from our prospect member FIS Raider (lalaura.ferrari@gmail.com) – Send applications to her by April 10th.

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