Dear Brothers and Sisters in Scouting

It is the time of year when we celebrate and our lives are filled with happiness, as we spend time with families and friends and celebrate Christmas.

This year though, we should spare a thought for those who will not be celebrating and will struggle to be happy, those who’s loved ones have gone home this year and who face the first Christmas with memories, rather than the ones they loved.

Around the world, including some parts of the WFIS Europe region, there are wars and fighting, with many innocent people suffering and we have had natural disasters like the earthquakes in Italy, resulting in the loss of many lives, some of whom were members of WFIS.

Scouting continues through it all and brings happiness and new skills to so many young people, Cub leaders throughout Europe will have happy memories of 100 year celebrations that the Wolf Cubs enjoyed.  2016 was the year we celebrated 20 years of WFIS and looked back at how it started in 1996 with just a few keen members.  Now it has spread throughout the world in a way Baden-Powell would have recognised – a mighty oak from a little acorn.

Yet Christmas is still a time for celebration and the New Year a time for resolutions and time to start again.  So, from the WFIS Steering Committee, enjoy your family and celebrations and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at Scouting camps and activities throughout 2017.

Yours in traditional Scouting

WFIS-Europe e.V. Steering Committe
Julie, Margon, Lucas, Marco