Dear Scouts Brothers and Sisters,

Today we “celebrate” Saint George’s Day, in a way which will be different from previous years and difficult for many, due to the Coronavirus.

However, it is important to remember Saint George and all that he stood for, his values of chivalry, bravery and helping others, still stands, more so at the moment and at this time when the world is more or less closed down, it is important that we think about these values ​​as Scouts.

We can’t save the world, but with a little help, we can make a big difference to those in need.

It can be a helping hand to the elderly person who cannot leave their home to buy groceries, or just a kind word at a distance to the person we might usually just pass by without greeting.

I know some Scouts are making protective masks for the public employees who care for our sick fellows. In addition, there are all those who are hospital employees and are working with our sick every day.

All over the world, social media has been posted, showing Scouts finding a way to help and make a contribution to society in the fight against the Coronavirus. I think this is one of the things that characterize the Scouting movement; we adapt and make a joint effort even though we cannot gather because of the circumstances.

For you young people and children who miss out on Scouting meetings, you can be sure that your leaders miss this too. Scouting is not something you just “do”, it is something that lies deep in all our hearts.

Remember that you can do Scouting at home, maintain our values ​​and keep traditions alive, even in this difficult time.

The world will be different after this virus but there will be positives from it too and I know Scouting work will continue to exist all over the world, regardless of nationality or Scouting organization.

Take good care of yourself and your families by adhering to the rules and ensuring the best possible hygiene.

I hope we can all meet again soon in each of our groups.

Be prepared.