The conflict between Russia and Ukraine breaks our hearts. Scouting is fraternity and friendship and we firmly believe in peace between peoples.

Our founder, Robert Baden-Powell was a great supporter of International Scouting, he believed that if there were enough Scouts in every country of the world, there would never be conflicts or wars because those Scouts would grow into adults, following their Scout Laws, always remembering that a Scout is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout, whatever their colour, class, creed, or wherever they come from.

Sadly, this is not the case today and there are many conflicts across the world, with the most recent being the invasion of Ukraine.

Scouting is not “just another” youth organisation, it has the responsibility of training new generations to become future good citizens of the world, a difficult task perhaps but one which is possible if our Scout Laws are followed.

We hope that this multiple human suffering in Ukraine, can end as soon as possible so that we can meet again with our Ukrainian and Russian Scout brothers, as well as with Scouts from across the world, without looking at which country all are from.

Should you wish to help by sending donations, we ask that you follow the guidance from WFIS Worldwide:

Together we are stronger.