Dear fellow Scouters,

Another year has passed, another year of cancelled Scouting activities, family holidays and “normal” life.

However, just as new growth is heralding the start of spring soon to come, so with vaccines and a weakened COVID variant, many of us are starting to return to a more normal life.

Throughout this unimaginable time, we have thought of each other in a sad way, missing the Scouting friendships and fun. Thinking Day/Founders Day, challenges us to think of all our Scouting friends and we hope that this year you will do so in a positive way.  In life, the way you think is what matters most, so think positively about Scouting and remember Baden-Powell and his positive attitude to life.  Try to do something special if you can, even if it is only sending messages of encouragement to your Scouting family.

In the October 1932 issue of “Jamboree”, Baden-Powell wrote: Our aim is to bring up the next generation as useful citizens with a wider outlook than before and thereby to develop goodwill and peace in the world through comradeship and co-operation.

It was written 90 years ago, and this message still has relevance today.

Today more than ever we need peace and that is why this year the Steering Committee on Founder’s Day, would like to wish all its brothers and sisters a year of peace, health and serenity.

Happy Thinking Day/Founder’s Day


Greetings World Council download here: Thinkingday2022