Dear brothers and sisters in Scouting,

April 23rd, Saint George’s Day, the day where scouts all over the world meet and re make their Scouting promises, to confirm that they are Scouts and a part of the great world Scout community.
As scouts we have dreamed from our first campfire about the wilderness, the great unknown, this has always managed to wake the curiosity and fantasy of young minds and old ones too.
The great explorers, seafarers and polar scientists were exemplars and heroes, for they were also driven by curiosity, and the searching for knowledge and exploration. “We have inherited curiosity, and taken it to us as a character, we will pass on to future scout generations.”
We have inherited the longing like the wind which filled the sailors’ sails and led them across oceans to new people and countries.
The same longing was there around a glow in the caravan’s campfires, crossing the prairie, on the way to the new worlds.
This curiosity and the longing are the things that shall make connecting bonds all over the world to other scouts and countries, trying to understand the differences of other people and countries.
Being a Scout is a major and responsible commitment to the future and yourself. A future where we can all meet in a brotherly Scouting friendship, friends with all.
As scouts, we are in a community of millions of Scouts, across religion, skin color and citizenship, a great force and strength.
A hope for the future, for people all over the world, about peace and living together in respect and peace.
It is a big and responsible obligation, which requires both will, courage and commitment.
Remember the motto from the first Euro camp, “Together we are strongest”.
We are prepared.

Yours in traditional Scouting
on behalf of Margon Sorensen – 1st Chairman – WFIS-Europe e.V.
and the WFIS-Europe e.V. Steering Committee