Thinking Day/Founders Day

It doesn’t matter what we call it, what is important is that we are all remembering the same thing – our founder Baden-Powell and the Scout movement which has spread across the world.

As members of WFIS, we pride ourselves on being traditional but this doesn’t just mean cooking over fires and building camps with poles and twine, it means following traditional values, lending a hand, being tolerant and following our Scout Laws.

So as we celebrate Thinking Day/Founders Day think about how you can spread these values to the children in your care, lead by example, be honest and make sure you are Scouting for the children in your care and not because of a desire for power or status.

We are following in B-P’s footsteps; our aim should always be to leave the world a better place and to ensure children in our care have fun, as B-P said “Life without adventure would be deadly dull.” Have fun celebrating on 22nd February and think of other Scouts both near and far, together we can make a difference, together we are strongest.

Happy Founders Day.