We’re happy to finally again be able invite you to the annual WFIS Workshop, organised by our
association ‘De Gule Spejdere i Danmark’.

It’ll be at https://www.arresoe.dk/ in a beautiful area north of Copenhagen, about 1.5 hours from the airport
Arresøcentret, Frederiksværk by public transport. We can offer to pick you up/drop you off from Frederiksvaerk train station.
Rejseplanen will help you find public transport connections – it can be downloaded as an App for
smartphones too, and does German/English as well as Danish If you need help finding the best
connection, please email us, and we’ll try our best to help. Unfortunately, we’re not able offer you to
arrive earlier or stay longer at Arresø – but we’re happy to assist you on finding accommodation, if
you want to visit out beautiful country for longer.

Arrival from Friday 15:30

Closing ceremony Sunday 9:00

Scout Market till 12:00

Registration on link below by 12 August 2022

Participation fee is €65/person – for that you’ll get:

Pick up/drop off at Frederiksværk Station, accommodation, meals from Friday dinner till
Sunday breakfast including tea/coffee/water/squash, all activities.

You need to bring your own sleeping bag. In the evening it’ll be possible to buy fizzy drinks and beer/wine – you can pay by €notes, but change
will be Danish Kroner. Due to our laws and insurance, we need to let you know, that if you bring any
young people under the age of 18, you’re responsible for looking after them and their safety at all

Optional Outing on Sunday morning – €10

If you wish, after closing
ceremony we will take you
to see the impressive
Bassebjerg Loghouse,
home of Grib Skov Trop –
our largest group.

From there, we’ll take you to Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød.
You can walk round the gardens for free as long as you like,
but entrance to the castle buildings and National History
Museum is €10.

For your onwards journey from there, you’ll find train
connections between Hillerød Station and
Copenhagen/airport 4x/hour.

There’ll be a morning and an afternoon session, some of them can end up running double
sessions, but as most have limited space, we’ll recommend that you to put in 2 wishes when
you register – we’ll then try our very best to make everybody happy
Wickerwork – Small useful items from willow.
Leatherwork – Little gadgets like woggles, key hangers, wristbands, pouches …and learn
techniques to decorate the leather.
Rope Making – Learn how to make lines as well as thicker ropes …on machinery that is
relatively simple to build.
Spare time activities with rope – such as woggle, key hanger, splicing, placemats.
Blacksmith – Make little things on an oldfashioned forge such as candle holders, buckle for
campfire blanket or knife blades. We can make one shipment/country with any sharp items,
which you’re not allowed to bring as hand baggage on your return flight.
Raft Building – Build a raft from poles, barrels and rope …and race the Canadian canoe on
the lake. If you’re planning to fall in, you probably need to bring dry clothes 
Pioneering – have fun with sisal and pioneering poles
Tree Climbing – We’ve got certified instructors to facilitate climbs with harness and rope
Open fire cooking – building and lighting fires to cook typical Danish food …including cooking a
roast for dinner in a ground pit.

The online booking system will ask you to fill in the following information:
Name, group, association, country
If you’d like to purchase a €10 T-shirt – they’ll be dark grey with the workshop logo
If you want to join Sunday morning outing
2 wishes for workshops
Any special dietary requirements are very important to put down on the booking form.
That includes vegan, vegetarian, nuts/lactose/gluten or any other, which we haven’t thought
of. We’ll then make you a personal Diet-ID card, to make sure, that we can identify and meet
the special requirements you may have.
In Denmark we don’t have a long tradition for being vegetarian, but we know how to cook it,
and we’re happy to do so – but it’s important that you know, that the vegetarian option will be
available only for the ones who’s told us beforehand.

If you’ve got any problems on the register system or other questions, we’ll try our best to help you.