Do you think girls and boys have the same rights in your country? Should they? We want to know what young people around the world think about these questions and more, which is why we’ve launched a new youth poll on equal rights and opportunities.

Together with youth and development organisations in Europe and beyond, we aim to gather the views of young people aged 12 to 24 years old on issues from education to political participation and the European Union’s role in the world.

The decisions made in the EU affect two billion children. Who better to tell decision makers what matters to youth than youth themselves? Young people’s voices should be heard loud and clear by the people making decisions which affect their lives. This is the chance for young people in Europe and developing countries to have their say.

The poll will run until summer 2013. The results will be analysed and shared with policy makers in Europe and developing countries, bringing the voice of youth directly to those in power in their country. They will also be available on this website.

We need to ensure as many young people as possible complete this poll, so spread the word and share this with young people in your country.

Post it on Facebook, talk about it on Twitter, share it in schools – help us get the message out there, so we can make sure young people’s voices are heard.

The poll is available in French, Spanish and English. Click on the links below for your preferred language!